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Hello, I’m Trey. I am an Android & iOS Developer, Startup Founder, and Community Organizer in Charlotte.

Android & iOS

From Fortune 50 companies with dozens of team members to small personal projects where I do it all.  I have written iOS and Android applications for all kinds of people, companies and causes. By day I engineer solutions with the talented people at Skookum. I sometimes post my projects and experiments on Github.


MindMine is where I build apps for myself and sometimes for others. Looking for a cool new app? Need a mobile freelancer or someone to build your MVP? Check us out!

Community Leadership

The Charlotte Tech community is growing! I help organize the Android, iOS, and Google Developer groups. Want to give a talk or get involved? Let me know! Giving back is a great feeling and you won’t regret it!

Virtual Reality and the Next Frontier.

For the last few days I have been dabbling with Unity 5. I feel like the virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift (which I have preordered) and the HTC Vive (which I got to try out at Big Android Barbecue) are just the beginning for what will be a revolutionary... read more

Android L Tutorials (Part 2): Material Theme Colors

One of the most exciting things to happen to Android in some time (to me at least) is the addition of new base color attributes in the Material theme. If you have ever tried to customize the colors of the Android action bar, status bar, or navigation bar then you... read more

Introduce Yourself

I am always looking to meet new people. Want to grab coffee or talk shop? Hit Contact below and say hello!