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I am a small business or startup. Can I hire you to help build my app?

You sure can! I take a few freelance jobs each year. Fill out the contact form.

I am a large established business (Fortune 1000) can I hire you?

Maybe! Send me the details.

I have a startup idea, side project or am new to the Charlotte community. Can we grab some coffee?

Absolutely! Fill out the form.

I’m not in Charlotte. Can we do a Hangout/Skype instead?

Of course! Send me the info.

Can I hire you full-time?

Maybe. I am happy with my current situation but if the gig is in Charlotte or Remote (or just really really awesome) then feel free to contact me. Be sure to include all relevant details (must include Location, Company, Role, Salary range) and I will respond. If the details are there and it looks interesting I will respond.